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A height and rebound adjustable suspension system with adjustable rebound damping and adjustable top mounts, featuring KW damping technology. With a linear race springs system, adjustable dampers and aluminum unibal camber adjustable top mounts, you can individually adjust your car’s driving dynamics to suit your style, even when the kit is installed!


ST XTA Coilovers individual height adjustability allows precise adjustment of your ride height giving you control over the look of your car.  Lowering adjustment is made at the upper end of the galvanized strut allowing the setup to be changed almost instantly. Adjustment range is vehicle dependent, check vehicle model fitment and lowering rate in the table below.


The adjustable unibal top mounts provide for precise handling and allow you to adjust the camber of the front axle to dial in aggressive wheel and tire fitments.  Allowing you to maximize the tires’ contact patch for driving in fast corners and any other driving scenario that demands maximum grip.


Closed Rebound Stage for Sporty, Tight and Maximized Performance, also improves handling response.

Opened Rebound Stage for Retained Comfort, Smoother Ride but with Added Sportiness compared to standard shocks and lowering springs.


ST XTA Coilovers come preset to factory recommended damper settings, the same configuration ST test them at.  The 16 distinct clicks of adjustable rebound damping allows you to refine the driving dynamics with a simple turn of the adjustment knob. Each kit includes a detailed damper set up manual making it easy to reset to ST Suspensions’ recommended setting at anytime. 


The adjustable spring perch is manufactured of durable and friction optimized polyamide composite material with a stainless steel insert.  Composite material prevents corrosion between the strut and perch, ensuring long lasting height adjustability, the stainless steel insert providing strength.


The galvanized zinc coated steel struts along with the low friction materials provide layers of protection against corrosion for long lasting use.  The coilovers also have a dust protection system that prevents unwanted dirt and particulate from coming in to contact with the hardened chrome piston rod or getting into the valve packs.


The ST XTA Coilovers are further reinforced with a multi-layered pressure resistant sealing package, monoblock guide system, manufactured at KW, and a low friction band which works inside the pressure resistant internal damper housing.


Get the performance, style and control you want with a ST XTA Coilover Kit


  • Two-piece racing spring system
  • Galvanized zinc coated coilover struts
  • Aluminum adjustable unibal top mounts – allows for camber and caster adjustment
  • 16 click adjustable rebound damping
  • Up to 85mm adjustment range (vehicle dependent)
  • KW damper technology
  • Hand Assembled KW dampers
  • Composite adjustable spring plates
  • Dust protection system and bump stops
  • Individually height adjustable
  • KW monoblock guide and seal package
  • Detailed damper setup manual


  • Reduced system friction for effective damping adjustment
  • Individual lowering within the tested adjustment range  (vehicle dependent)
  • Externally adjustable damping
  • Long lasting durability
  • Seamless height adjustment
  • Easy lowering adjustment
  • Optimized corrosion protection
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    BMW Model / Year Lowering Rate
    *325i Base L6 (2996cc)
    Front: 1.2"-2.4" / Rear: 1.2"-2.4"

    *328i Base L4 (1997cc)
    2012-2013 Front: 0.8"-1.8" / Rear: 0.8"-1.6"

    *328i Base L6 (2996cc)
    2007-2013 Front: 0.8"-1.8" / Rear: 0.8"-1.6"
    2007-2011 Front: 1.2"-2.4" / Rear: 1.0"-2.2"
    2012-2013 Front: 0.8"-1.8" / Rear: 0.8"-1.6"
    *330i Base L6 (2996cc)
    2006 Front: 1.2"-2.4" / Rear: 1.0"-2.2"
    *335d Base L6 (2993cc)
    2009-2011 Front: 1.2"-2.4" / Rear: 1.2"-2.2"
    *335i Base L6 (2979cc)
    2007-2011 Front: 0.8"-1.8" / Rear: 0.8"-1.6"
    2007-2011 Front: 1.2"-2.4" / Rear: 1.0"-2.2"
    2012-2013 (2-door; coupe; rwd) Front: 0.8"-1.8" / Rear: 0.8"-1.6"
    *335is Base L6 (2979cc)
    2011-2013 (2-door; coupe; rwd) Front: 0.8"-1.8" / Rear: 0.8"-1.6"

    * Note

    • Wheel spacers may be necessary if using stock wheels and tires
    • Excluding all models with 4 wheel drive

    CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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